Many Hands, One Dream: the Story of Project Mexico
edited by Kurt Denk, S.J.

Price: $12.95
Pages: 236
ISBN: 0966871685
Trim: 5x8
Binding: paperback

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Description. This book narrates the story of Project Mexico, a ten-day service immersion program to Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico sponsored annually by the Center for Values and Service of Loyola College in Maryland. Begun in 1987, the program takes approximately twenty students to Mexico each year for direct service, cultural immersion, and the different kind of education that occurs when we cross borders – literally and symbolically.

Included in this volume are a history and overview of the program, and a series of edited reflections by participants from over the years that provide insight into the program’s vision and mission, the experience of being part of such an endeavor, the impact it has on those involved, and the learning that it provokes. But it also invites you, the reader, to contemplate, in light of your own life experience, how these themes might stimulate further insights into your own choices, values, and understanding of both intimately personal as well as globally important issues.

From the publisher. Proceeds from the sale of this text benefit the Project Mexico program of Loyola College in Maryland, and, in turn, directly benefit the community development needs of the people of Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico. Thank you for your support.

Visit Project Mexico's website for more information about the program, or how you can help.

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