Discovering Lake Erie Wineries:
A Travel Guide to Lake Erie's Wine Country

by Kevin M. Atticks

Price: $11.95
Pages: 200
ISBN: 0966871634
Trim: 5x9
Binding: paperback

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Description. Discovering Lake Erie Wineries introduces wine lovers and novices to the nationally acclaimed wines being produced by wineries along the lake in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario. This book helps readers plan day trips and long tours that will give them an appreciation of the ancient skill of grape growing and the romantic art of winemaking. Readers will tour a variety of vineyards, wineries, and wine cellars between Buffalo and Toledo and up through Ontario where they will meet people devoted to making quality wine at very reasonable prices.

About the author. Author Kevin Atticks has years of experience tasting, pouring, and writing about fine wines. With an explicit interest in America’s lesser-known wine regions, Atticks is devoted to spreading the news of these elusive treasures. Discovering Maryland Wineries. Atticks’ debut book, won praise among wine lovers as it revealed the state’s up-and-coming wineries.

Atticks holds a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a doctorate in Communciations Design from the University of Baltimore. He currently teaches journalism, publishing and design at Loyola College in Maryland, and continues to conduct winetastings and write about wines.

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