From This Hill, My Hand, Cynthiana's Wine
by Paul Roberts

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Pages: 200
ISBN: 0966871626
Trim: 7x9
Binding: paperback

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Description. From This Hill, My Hand, Cynthianas Wine is more than just a book about wine it is a work of environmental philosophy blending the values and ideals of aboriginal Americans with ecologically-minded commentators admired in European-American history and contemporary letters. Here we find Henry Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, and Wendell Berry to be philosophical brothers of Chief Seattle.

By grounding abstract environmentalist concepts in the gritty reality of growing wine grapes, author Paul Roberts shows how small-scale farming, using sustainable principles to offer diverse creations, can bring humans and nature into closer harmony.

About the author.
Paul Roberts is executive editor at the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. When not in Pittsburgh, he works his passion at Deep Creek Cellars, the winery in western Maryland that he and his wife Nadine founded in 1997. Entranced by the world of wine for decades, Roberts has apprenticed in California and traveled Europe discovering and learning about wines. He is very much a philosophical environmentalist, and this shows in his writing. Roberts cites insightful passages from Thoreau and Wendell Berry, using their work to shape his positions and views. Roberts' comfortable writing style combined with his deep knowledge of and passion for winemaking are woven together in From This Hill to provide readers with stories they will surely share with others.

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